Creating matters

Using RunSensible you will be able to create matters in no time, have quick and easy access
to every one of them, and manage them as you wish.

In your sidebar menu, click “Matters”. You can see all your matters listed here.


In the area shown below, you can overview all the matters you have created, in a list.

matters list

To create a matter, first click on the new button.

matter new button

Now, all you have to do is fill in the boxes with the required data. First, you have to enter a name for the matter.

new matter name

Then, the court file number.

matter court file number

To specify the attorney who is responsible for bringing the business to the firm, you can click on the originating attorney section, and choose the attorney from the list of your firm’s

matter originating attorney

You can set the budget needed, in the budget section.

matter budget

To add the client’s information, you can easily import it by two clicks. First, click on the client section, then choose the client from the list. Or you can find them by typing a few words of the client’s name. Also, there are two options to add a new contact or to add a new company, if the matter is about a new client.

matter client

As the originating attorney, you can specify the attorney who has to work on the matter, the responsible attorney.

matter responsible attorney

To designate the legal practice area, simply navigate to the practice area section and select it from the available options.

practice area

You can then select a pipeline, which will take you through the steps required to take care of a matter.

pipeline new matter

To set the matter’s open and close time, there are two sections for each: the date and the hour. For setting the date, after clicking on its section, you will have to first select the year, second the month, and last, the day. Or you can just type the date.

matter open date

And to set the open and close hour, you should click on its section, then type or choose one of the hours from the list.

matter time

You may want to add a pending date, which is the difference in time, between the time matter was dispatched for execution and its submission time. Adding the date is the same as adding the open and close dates.

matter pending date

The same process works for setting the limitation date.
You have three ways to bill a client for a matter, which are hourly, flat rate, and contingency fee.

Choosing each is a simple two-click job. Click on the billing method section, and choose which one works best for you.

matter billing method

To add a location to the matter, click on the location section and type the address.

matter location

If there is any additional description you need to mention, go ahead and type it out in the matter description box.

matter description

At last, to set who in your firm has permission to access the matter you are creating, you have four options in the permission section that you can choose just by a click: everyone (All), just the owner (Owner), a team of attorneys (Team), or some users (Users).

matter permission

Once you are done adding data, there is only one step left which is to save the matter by clicking on the save button.

matter save

Done! You have created a matter with just a few clicks.