Landing Page Designer

At RunSensible, we provide you with ALL the tools you need, and that includes tools to manage every step of the sales funnel and tools to handle promotions. These include the Landing Page Designer. The landing page designer is easy to work with and gives you tons of options to customize the webpage to your heart’s content (no pun intended)!

To create a landing page, click on Settings from the top left side of your screen.

Under Customize, click on Landing Page.

Every landing page created will be listed here.

Click on New Landing Form.

Give your new landing page a name and choose an empty template. Then, click on Next.

You have entered the landing page designer. At the center, the landing page is divided into four areas. On the left, you have Content blocks such as texts, images, dividers, and footers.

By dragging a content block to your landing page, you can edit and add content to each area.

There’s also a Style tab on the left that allows you to customize every detail of how you want each area to look.

For example, you can give each area different background colors or images, give margins and borders, define columns, choose different types of columns, etc.

Drag a content block to any area you wish. The content block will then be presented on your landing page. Now it’s time to edit the content block.

Hover your mouse on the content block you dropped and click on Edit Block.

On your right, use the Content tool to add your text.

Use the Styles tool to edit text style like font size and type.

If you choose an image content block, you can upload an image and choose its alignment or give it borders.

After editing the content block, click on Save & Close.

There is a content block type called Button. This CTA allows you to add a button to your landing page that will direct people to another webpage. For example, you can add a subscription button or link a button to your social media channels.

Drag a button content block to the landing page and click on Edit Block.

Give the button some text material, then put in the link.

Under the Styles tab, create the button’s visuals.

Under the Settings tab, edit the button’s alignment and width.

Then, click on Save & Close.

Once you’re done editing the landing page, click on Save, and it will be added to your list.

Landing pages have two options.

If you click on Embed, you will get the landing page’s embed code, which you can copy.

If you click on Copy Link, the tool will automatically copy the landing page link which you can include in your emails or ads.