Understanding Opportunity

An Opportunity is a sales prospect. Within RunSensible, opportunity management allows you to monitor and control the sales process, leading to higher success rates.

What are Opportunities?

Opportunity management allows you and your colleagues to manage complex sales goals. Complex sales involve more than one person in the buying decision and require the support of an entire sales team. An Opportunity represents a sales prospect – the client has spoken to your sales team and has expressed interest.

Opportunities begin as a lead; at the lead stage, the client has been approached by your team or has contacted you for additional information. Graduating from a lead to an opportunity occurs when the opportunity to make a sale or close a deal arises.

Adopting an opportunities sales process can help your team define and strengthen their sales plans. It will allow them to determine what stages a team member will need to follow to close a sale, and how long each step should ideally take. Your opportunity pipeline can be customized to fit your business needs and can be as simple or complex as you see fit.

Sale Process:

RunSensible Sales Process

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