Creating Sets in Document Templates

When working on a case, it may require a group of documents to be filled by your client. To streamline the process, you can create sets of documents.

Go to the settings.


Click on the Documents. Go on to the Document Templates.

sets document templates

Click on the Create Set button.

create set

Give it a name.Choose the set’s entity. Click on the Save button.


Now your set has been created. By clicking on the Actions:


You can add existing templates to the set. You can also create new templates in it. Click Here for more information.

create new template

If you no longer wish to use the set, you can delete it by clicking on Delete Set, and then clicking on Yes to confirm your decision.

delete set

If you would like to make changes to your set, click on the dropdown button to access the edit option.

The Quick View button allows you to take a quick look at your document.

edit set