Keeping track of leads and making sure no prospect is lost in your sales process is a stressful and frustrating process. That’s why RunSensible has so many features to help you organize your leads and keep track of them. The articles below will teach you how to move your leads in your sales funnel. We have a few tricks up our sleeves to take some pressure off of you, so sit back and relax!
If you need information about adding a lead make sure to check out our Getting Started articles.

Lead Profile

Each lead has a profile of their own where you can see everything related to them. You can see an overview of their personal information, tasks related to them, their lead status, and appointments. You can also contact them directly from their profile.

Lead Status

Lead Status is a lead’s situation in your sales pipeline. You can update the lead’s status based on the progress the lead makes. On your Leads list, you can see each lead’s Status Review. RunSensible has a default workflow created for the sales pipeline. You can customize this pipeline based on the steps a lead goes through in your sales process. Let’s customize the pipeline.

Editing Lead Sources

RunSensible is all about organization. We made it easy for you to organize and categorize all your business documents. For example, you can classify your leads by where they come from. This information is especially useful for your marketing campaigns, metrics, and KPIs.

Table and Board View

Here is one cool thing about RunSensible. Your leads list can be seen in two formats, table and board view.
Table view gives you a list of your leads. You can see all the basic information you need like their names and email addresses and lead status.

The Archive

The archive is where your lost leads are listed. If for any reason a lead is disqualified, you can change their lead status to Unqualified. The lead would then be removed from your leads list but it will not be deleted from your database. In case you need to revisit a lost lead, you can always find it in the archive.


Did you know that RunSensible can help you find new leads? Our web-to-lead tool allows you to collect information from people interested in doing business with you. Web-to-lead creates a form for personal and contact information like email address and phone number. This form can be emailed to your leads or embedded on your landing pages. Every time someone fills out the form, they will be added to your leads list on RunSensible. Let’s create a web-to-lead form together.

Change permission of prospects

You can modify the permissions for the prospects listed in your system, allowing you to specify which employees have the authority to access particular prospects. This gives you control over who can see specific prospect information.

Viewing Emails Related To a Matter

Keeping track of emails related to specific matters is crucial for your legal practice. RunSensible offers a powerful feature that simplifies this process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you efficiently view emails related to a matter.