Support Tickets

Your customer support team will now be more efficient than ever! RunSensible has a whole category dedicated to customer support tickets. You and every team member from your support department can issue a support ticket and track it until the customer is happy.

Create a Support Ticket

Once a customer reports an issue or asks a question, you should issue a support ticket. Support tickets can be tracked and are a good source of information to know how much progress has been made on any problem, and, of course, to fix it. Let’s create a support ticket together.

Support Pipeline

Every customer support system has a pipeline. The pipeline is the process your company and customer go through, from the moment the customer issues a support ticket until the problem is resolved. Before issuing a support ticket on RunSensible, create your support pipeline.

Support Ticket Sources

You can assign sources to support tickets. This way, you’ll know where your customers are more comfortable contacting your support agents. This is crucial information because it helps you understand what channels can become your ultimate customer support channels and which you can even eliminate.

Support Ticket Types

Customers have different types of reasons to contact your customer support people. RunSensible offers different ticket types to help organize support tickets for the support staff. You can modify and edit these ticket types based on your customer support experience.