Does managing sales stress you out? It’s definitely a hassle for many small business owners and even entrepreneurs. Now, RunSensible will handle everything for you! You can add all your products or services to the tool, send invoices, allow different payment methods, and even create a loyalty program. We don’t just care about you – we care about your customers too!

Adding Items

You can add your products and services as items to RunSensible. By doing so, you can quickly write invoices and manage your client payments. There are two ways you can add items. Either add them one by one or upload your items list .

Creating a Package

Selling your products or services in packages is a great promotion to increase sales and clear out your inventory. There are different types of package promotions like two for the price of one or Mother’s Day packages. RunSensible gives you the option to create packages with your items. You can then add the package to your invoices.

Creating an Invoice

With RunSensible, you can create invoices to send to your clients. Every type of product and service can be added to invoices. Discounts and taxes also apply any way you wish. Invoices can request payment, and you will be alerted if a client pays or not. Invoices are an exciting part of RunSensible; we love to see your hard work paying off!

Discounts and Taxes

You can add taxes and discounts to your items. To do so, you first have to configure them for RunSensible. This way, when you add a new item or create an invoice, you can apply discounts and taxes from the tool. This option will save you a lot of time and calculations!


RunSensible allows you to keep track of all your business financials. You can track your expenses and read reports on how much each team member has spent. This allows you to better understand how much it costs to run your business and how much budget you need.


One of the best ways to show customer appreciation is a loyalty program. You can give your customers rewards in return for every purchase. The rewards can turn into discounts or free items. There are three ways customers can earn loyalty points with RunSensible.