Getting Started

Let’s get you prepared for head-starting your RunSensible account. In the following articles, you’ll learn how to set up your account and learn the basics without any hassle.

The Dashboard

The dashboard is like your homepage. It’s an overview of all your activities in one place. Basically, every time you sign in, the dashboard reports how your tasks, appointments, and other features are doing.

Add a Contact

The contact category is your business’ phonebook. A contact is anyone associated with your business: A supplier, an employee, an influencer, and also your customer. This category helps you gather all the people you need to contact in one place, without the need to go through emails, business cards, and social media to find their contact information.

Add a Company

There are different types of companies you have to work with when running a business. These companies can be your suppliers, partner businesses, or even your competitors. To make things easier, especially for B2Bs, we made a category to gather all these companies in one place. The company category is an organizing tool that lists all the companies associated with your business.

Add a Lead

A lead is an individual with interest in what your business is offering. There are many ways to find and attract leads. It’s your job as a business owner or a marketing specialist to convert those leads into prospects, customers, or clients that keep returning. On the RunSensible tool, we have a section dedicated to tracking your leads. You’ll have a customizable pipeline to keep track of what stage in the sales process your leads are. This way, you know how each lead is doing and whether they are a potential customer or a lost lead.

Invite Team Members

RunSensible is an excellent environment for teamwork. You can connect your whole team on RunSensible, assign tasks to your team members, share support emails with your customers support team, and so much more. But first, let’s learn how to add your team members.

Setting Up Your Account

After signing in, you’ll be welcomed to your dashboard. Now, the first thing you need to do is to update your profile and put in your complete information. Let’s head over to the toolbar at the top of your screen.

Setting Up Your Email

To get most of RunSensible’s features running, you need to integrate and verify your email address. That lets you send marketing emails as well as appointment reminders and other essential emails. You can send emails from your different email accounts directly from your RunSensible tool. You can also share an account with your team members. For example, if you have multiple support agents, they can all share the same inbox and attend to your customers’ questions.

Switch between languages

To change your system’s language to another one